Has anyone integrated Razorpay or PayU in Snipcart?

Has anyone integrated Snipcart with Webflow and a Custom Payment Gateway (Razorpay or PayU)? Is there a video tutorial available for such an integration, or has anyone done so before?

Hi @shreyas, thanks for reaching out!

I’m not sure if it will be possible to use a Custom payment gateway strictly with Webflow, as some backend services are needed for that. Still, you can develop your site with Webflow, and build the custom gateway integration separately in your preferred language/service.

So I can use separate backend/serverless functions for payments and then use it in Webflow?

Yes, I believe that’s the way to go.

Hi @shreyas, I’m completely new to webflow. I wanted to add the razorpay payment gateway to an ecom site but i’m clueless. Can you please help me out on how to do it?