Hide total price when the total-cart value is zero

I have the total number of products displayed in the website header. So the user can see how many products he has in his cart. But when the cart is empty and the value is 0, I would like to hide it and I don’t know how.

How I display the value in the header :

 <div class="total-cart snipcart-summary">
      <span class="snipcart-items-count"></span>

Thanks for your help !

Got the same problem. Not sure if you already found out but here it is:

document.addEventListener('snipcart.ready', function() {
const cartCountDiv = document.getElementById('cart-items-count');
Snipcart.store.subscribe(() => {
  let count = Snipcart.store.getState().cart.items.count;
  if (count === 0) {
  count = "";
  } else {
  count = count;
  cartCountDiv.innerHTML = count;