How can I set up free shipping by postal code (need regular expression example)

Can anyone tell me how to set up free shipping by postal code. I’m selecting Alberta as a location and then typing in the postal code I would like to give free shipping to under “REGULAR EXPRESS TO FILTER POSTAL CODES”. But I don’t know how to write in the postal code properly. Therefore every address in Alberta is coming up with free shipping.

Hey @howtodothis,

You can create a new shipping method, turn the Location filter on, select Alberta:

Then enable the postal regex filter and you’ll need to enter a regular expression to filter postal codes you want this shipping method to support.

The example below will return the shipping method for any address in Alberta with a postal code that starts with G1K:

Regular expression: [gG]1[kK]( |)\d.\d

In this case, a customer with the postal code G1K 3A9 would get this shipping method.