How to create fractional product quantities

My use case involves fractional quantities of the products I’m selling (fabrics). Is there some way to customize the checkout to do this?

@gdevalois Can you send us an example or more details for what you want so we can give you a factual answer if it’s possible.

I’m asking if the quantity UI control can be customized, or configured to accept fractional numbers (either decimal e.g. “1.25” or using a dropdown for 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 let’s say).

In my particular case, I’m selling fabric in partial yards.

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Still waiting for a response…

We’re also looking for factional quantity to the nearest 100th. Selling fractions of a ton.

@gdevalois I’m sorry to say fractional numbers are not currently an available platform feature. The best way to ensure our product team is aware of your request and to ensure you are updated on the status of the request is by making sure it’s a part of our Feature Request Forum.

But it’s possible to add a dropdown or checkbox to allow the customer to select an additional fractional value?

And then use a different unit for the backend product quantity, which would effectively allow specifying a fractional value, as long as there were a finite number of “fractions”.