How to link a simple HTML page showing bank details from custom payment gateway

I spent a lot of time reading the docs regarding custom payment gateway and still I can’t get it.
I am trying to achieve a checkout to simple html page showing my bank details, with some dynamic field showing amount of checkout.

  1. How can I show the custom payment method in the list?

  2. Where do I put<THE_TOKEN> ?

I can’t find developer for this. I am doing this on my own because I’m not sure if my site will sell a lot. I don’t want to spend a lot for this test site. My site is only built with plain html and javascript.

@cyrilnicko To integrate a custom payment gateway it will require in-depth in javascript and some development experience. You can check our github for SleekPay to understand how the whole process works. As to get the token you can follow this docs and you would use to when redirecting a customer to a payment page.

I still can’t get how it works no matter how I read the documentation. I just want to display a simple html page showing bank details. It is not worth to hire a developer for this simple feature. Maybe Snipcart is not for me.