How to set a discount for gross price not net?

I am still evaluating Snipcart for my customers(website owners) and I am puzzled by some problems I face.
In Germany, if you deal with end customers, not B2B, we expect a discount to be subtracted off the gross price and not the net price, because prices are always tax included. So, if I offer 20% off a product with a price of 100€, the shopping customer expects to pay 80€ and not 78,40€. Sounds strange, but they are confused by the 78,40.-

Is there a way to do it?

Finally a place for Snipcart knowledge exchange and tips. Thank you! And… keep up the good work!


Facing the same problem, I’m selling products tax included and discounts are applied on net prices + discount amount… so it creates a weird “tax adjustments” line and wrong calculation. Even my accountant can’t explain the logic of such calculation.

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Haha… you explained it way better!

@Klenkes @AsphaltChronicles

The discounts are indeed applied on the price before tax. That being said, this behaviour can be changed (apply on price after tax). If this is something you wish to change you can email us via the merchant dashboard!

Thank you very much!
Seems to work great!

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How has this been solved? What do I need to do? I need this solution otherwise I can’t use Snipcart for my shop.

Maybe it has to be configured on a account basis? Write an email to the support via the dashboard.

At the moment it must be configured by our team, but this option will be available in the dashboard soon.

Contact us at so that we can set this up. Make sure to provide the email associated to your account.

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