How to target PayPal payment method in email-template as condition

I would like to query the PayPal Express payment method in a condition (Invoice and Refund tpl). What is the correct instruction/value for this? I would like to distinguish in the invoice and refund template between pay later (order.paymentMethod ‘WillBePaidLater’) and paid by PayPal Express.

I am looking for the equivalent as for payment by credit card
{{ #if_eq order.paymentMethod ‘CreditCard’ }}

What does this look like for PayPal Express Checkout?
Like {{ #if_eq order.paymentMethod ‘PayPal_Express’ }} maybe?

Thank you!

Hi @SZim, thanks for reaching out!

Do you need to differentiate between PayPal and PayPal express?
Because I believe at the moment, we use just PayPal for both.


Hello @nelitow, I switched to “live” mode to check ist, so I found it returns just “Paypal” in the webhook order event [paymentMethod] => ‘Paypal’ for express-checkout. So I’ll use {{ #if_eq order.paymentMethod ‘Paypal’ }} in my e-mail templates.

Thank you!

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Sounds good, Thanks!