Import a list of products and inventory levels

I just loaded my initial set of products and set the inventory levels. It’s all very easy for the first handful … then gets tedious over time and becomes more likely to make a mistake.

It looks like my process every month is going to be:

  1. Archive all of the products from last month (one at a time)
  2. Fetch the 60-90 new products from about 30 pages (one at a time)
  3. Update the inventory level for each of the new products (one at a time).

It would be greatly helpful and appreciated to be able to submit a CSV that contain a list of the product ID, the product name, the product price, the product description, and the starting inventory amount. Perhaps you want to load other parameters, too, but this would be a wonderful starting point.

And an Archive All button would be very useful.

Hi @fbcc,

Adding the ability to import products and stock through CSV isn’t something that’s currently planned.

That said, I believe what you’re trying to achieve could be automated using our Product API.

You can programmatically archive products using the DELETE endpoint, import them using the POST endpoint and set the inventory using the PUT endpoint.

Let me know if that helps,