Is it possible to display a form after a payment?

Is there a way to specify a link to a form after a successful purchase?
I’m looking for a way to capture information about a purchase. After the purchase, I’d like to be able to route the purchaser to a form to collect more information about the purchase.


But why? Why not use extra field before purchase?

Anyway you can still redirect customer to custom page after successful purchase. There you can do whatever you want, but usually merchant just say thank you. You can however, do the form that you like. This should still works Customizing Your E-Commerce Thank You Page - Snipcart

How is it possible to collect the information before the purchase?

I can create an entry form that collects the person’s name & ID whom the customer is registering. And then I have the button that adds the registration to the cart. But how would I pass the values of the other two fields for Snipcart to add to an invoice?


It would be really good if I were able to capture extra fields before the purchase. As far as I can tell, I don’t have a way to redirect to a custom page after the purchase. I’ve read the link that you sent, but all I can do is add buttons to my site for
• Snipcart Customer Dashboard Button;
• Snipcart Payment Button (which is used to add items to the cart); and,
• Snipcart Show Cart Button (which takes the customer to the cart.
I don’t have a way to edit the Snipcart.execute function on the button.

I just investigated the source code on the screen that gets built by my website generator. The Show cart button references the snip cart-checkout class. I probably can make a custom button instead of this one that calls the checkout. What would it need in order to redirect to a custom page after the completion? And even if I edit this button, how would I override the Pay button when an item is added to the cart?

                <div class="widget3">
                    <button id="pay3" class="snipcart-checkout">Show cart</button>

Here Order custom fields – Snipcart Documentation

But be aware that, user who want to purchase item, especially on mobile, usually doesn’t want to spent time filling up too many information

You can either use localization or order.completed event Webhooks: order events – Snipcart Documentation

If they pay for a registration, I’m certain that they want me to know whom they’re registering.

Try custom field is you want to collect only few extra info

Sorry, I don’t know what that means.
Are you saying that I can collect the information in a custom field when they pay? I don’t see that option.

I’m 90% sure that I’m going to have to create some type of custom button to do this instead of using the Snipcart buttons that are built into my web editor. But I can’t figure out from the documentation what code is necessary.

Yes if you only collect one or two info. You can do that with custom field.

I looked at the documentation for custom fields, and I don’t understand how that can work.
If I have a button that calls the cart, how can I edit the page that Snipcart generates and prompt for a registration name and ID?

Watch the video, you will understand. It’s easy because only html.