Is there a way to show an extra cart image per product variation?

I cant figure out if this is possible… my example is a photography book (£35), with an option to buy it for more money with a signed print (£135) When customers select this option I would to show a selection of 3-4 prints to choose from when purchasing the book + print…

How would I achieve this please!? I understand how to build in the


basics, just no idea if I can assign an image to these custom variables


Hi @ModernSnip,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a built-in feature that allows you to change the image of a product depending on its current variation.

However, since the integrity of the “data-item-image” attribute is not required for the order validation process, it would be possible for you to change it using JavaScript.

For instance, it could be set in the “data-item-image” attribute directly before the item is added to the cart or by updating the item using our JavaScript API.

Let me know if that helps,


Hi @Michael,

Has this changed in the intervening years? Would like to have image change when different variants are selected.