Issue with custom payment gateway


I’m trying to setup custom payment gateway in Next.js.

To achieve that I fallow examples and docs on your website. Sadly I cannot get the custom payment option in Payments step of checkout.

Currently I have an API method in my application https://{HERE_MY_DOMAIN}/api/shop/payment-methods.

This URL is also pasted into

For now I removed token check on my dev environment to check if this was an issue so now my API when queried with CURL I get this result.

curl -X POST https:/{HERE_MY_DOMAIN}/api/shop/payment-methods

So it’s as described in here Custom payment gateway: returning payment methods – Snipcart Documentation

For now I’m returning your sleeky-pay url but later I’ll put my own page instead.

Sadly after this configuration payment option does not show custom payment gateway on payment step of checkout. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

Some updates on this topic. I tried to debug it in different ways and it looks like Snipcart is not sending query to my-domain/api/shop/payment-methods. I would really appreciate some help on this topic since I’m out of ideas what’s wrong in my configuration.