Issue with single tax calculation


Taxes seem to be wrongly calculated on my site.

I’ve set up my shop like this:

  • currency: EUR both in dashboard and frontend
  • a single 0.21 tax in the dashboard, applied to any location worldwide
  • no shipping costs, Applies on shipping is false
  • Tax included in price is true
  • data-item-has-taxes-included is present on the add-to-cart button

Therefore when I add this product, total price should be 350€ with 73,50€ of tax. Yet, taxes are 60,74€. Here is a screenshot of the store data:

What did I do wrong?


Hi @Artimon

Could you please reach out to us with the email used on your Snipcart account, so we can check your store settings?


I checked the product you mentioned and it looks like the cost is 450€ at the moment and since you have the tax included in the price.

The subtotal would be 450€ after the tax is applied and the tax amount that you get is calculated out of 371.9€ , thus the tax amount is 78.1.

Similarly, if the cost of the product was 350€ the tax amount is calculated out of 289.2€ which would be 60.74€ and the total cost would be 350€.

So if you want the tax to be exclusive of the total as below then you could uncheck the checkbox in tax that says Included in price

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 11.10.35 AM

Wow, sorry guys, I’ve shamefully failed at middle school level maths…