Item.updated -> cart doesn't reflect new total

In the ‘item.updated’ event hander, which gets called if you decrease the items in the cart by one. For example, you have qty: 2, and you click the ‘-’ button and decrease it to 1. JavaScript SDK events – Snipcart Documentation

If you call and look at cart.items, it will reflect the correctly quantity for this item, however if you look at the ‘total’ property, it doesn’t reflect the new total. i.e. if you add up the quanity/price for all the items in the cart, it is out of scync at this time with what is in the items.

This same issue occurs for ‘item.added’ also… the ‘’ does not qual the total value of all of the items in cart.items.items, which is strange…
I can see it working that way for ‘items.adding’ but not items.added.

Is this expected?
What would be the most appropriate way to get the new total for ALL items in the cart, within the ‘item.updated’ event… ?