Local site, data-item-description not working?


First time user here

I’ve got a basic add to cart button working. It adds products to the cart and I’ve added custom pricing as outlined in the docs

The button part of the template looks like this:

<button class="buy-button snipcart-add-item"
                        data-item-id="{{ id }}"
                        data-item-price="{{ price }}"
                        data-item-url="{{ current_url }}"
                        data-item-description="why does this not work?"
                        data-item-image="{{ thumbnail }}{{ glide:url preset='w320_h320' }}{{ /thumbnail }}"
                        data-item-name="{{ title }}"
                        data-item-custom1-name="Strap Colour"
                        data-item-custom1-options="Black|Brown|Gold +50.00[+50.00]">
                         Add to cart   £{{ price }}

But I can’t get the data-item-description to work? I’m running the site via ngrok as described in the docs… and I’ve updated the domain in https://app.snipcart.com/dashboard/account/domains

I’m running my site locally via valet, as mentioned everything else works, price and thumbnail show up in the cart

The HTML of the button looks like this:

<button class="buy-button snipcart-add-item" data-item-id="e03b4d5a-0e7e-4d42-a7ad-48d9e2b6a2f6" data-item-price="499" data-item-url="http://xxxxxxxxx.ngrok.io/watches" data-item-description="The first G-SHOCK model DW-5000C was born in 1983. Its symbolic square design is reinvented with a full-metal shock-resistant structure and the latest advanced functions, including Smartphone Link.  design of the first model is faithfully reproduced using full metal, latest construction and functions." data-item-image="/img/containers/assets/watches/GMW-B5000GD-4ER-5.jpg/a61b60ae54d0b3d7ada29918ccf2af93.jpg" data-item-name="Casio Watch GMW-B5000GD-4ER" data-item-custom1-name="Strap Colour" data-item-custom1-options="Black|Brown|Gold +50.00[+50.00]">
                         Add to cart   £499

What am I doing wrong?

Here’s a screenshot of the the account/domains page

I can see the data-item-description is being show on the View detailed cart page, but it’s not shown on the slide in cart.

I can see in the docs (video), the data-item-description is shown on the detailed cart page. So, it’s working as expected.

Is it possible to show configure the slide in cart view to show data-item-description?

figured the same pb here and no way to add desc or simple textfield in slide-in mode. You have to disable it in your integration code «data-config-modal-style=""»