Localization problem, seeing weird country names

Hi there,

I’m new to Snipcart and after quite a bit of googling I haven’t been able to come across the problem I’m experiencing.

I’m trying to integrate Snipcart on a Hugo website. My site is in Spanish, and has a language code of “es”. When I click on the country drop down, I see the following:

If I switch the website language code to “en” (for English), then the country names display as expected (sorry, I’m new user so can’t embed a screenshot).

I believe I’m on the 3.4.0 version, and right now I’m only using test mode. Does anybody know why this is case? Thanks in advance!

Upon doing some searching I think I found the repo where the locales file is stored. As far as I can see the change was introduced in this pull request. Other locales specify a “name” property for each country code, the Spanish locale seems to be the only one that doesn’t have it and also the only one where I’m seeing the problem highlighted above.

I could make the change to the repo myself but I need someone from Snipcart to kindly tell me if my hypothesis is the right one.

Hello there, I just fixed the issue and made the needed pull request. Now waiting for it to be approved.

Will post here when it gets fixed.