Localize (Free Shipping) Discount

Currently, I have a discount set for free shipping for orders over a certain amount. I want to be able to have a different rate for orders from other countries. As shipping to those countries is more expensive, I want to be able to set a higher minimum amount explicitly for these countries.

If there’s a different way to achieve what I want, please let me know. This is obviously really important to me to be able to ship EU wide.

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Any followup on this? I need it and don’t want to have to migrate to some other solution because of this, but we get lots of questions to enable EU wide shipping. We can’t give them all the same discount!

I needed the same thing. I solved it by using custom shipping webhook, that returns different methods (like free shipping) based on order amount and country.
If you are familiar with firebase cloud functions, you can use my code here: Snipcart custom shipping method built with Firebase Cloud functions · GitHub

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