Migrating Digital Goods from Test to Live


I’m trying to confirm whether or not there is a way to migrate all digital goods from Test mode to Live mode.

I’ve followed the 'Going Live" guide but this seemingly only imports settings (such as taxes, shipping etc).

I’m trying to avoid my client having to manually import 100’s of digital good multiple times, and also I’ll need to have all the products in test mode first in order to fully test their new app.

It may not be possible and if so there will be no alternative but to manually add to both Test & Live environments. Just wanted to see if anyone had found a workaround or whether I’m missing something.

Any thoughts?


Hi there,

This feature is actually coming in our next release! All the digital files will be imported from test to live when importing the settings.


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Awesome! Thanks Lea. I’ll find a workaround then in the meantime.