Missing translations in account/order

Every now and then I notice missing translations, which looks “suspicious” to people during an order or reviewing their order.
In this case language is german and three occurrences of english show up. Best shown with a screenshot. (forgot to mark Delivered)

Hi there,

Most messages and labels in the cart are localizable. We encourage people to submit Pull Requests in this repository to propose new translations or make fixes to existing ones.

You can also register custom translations directly on your site without submitting them to be included in the official bundle. People often use this approach for business-specific cases. You’ll find all the info about that here.

*** That being said, one label in the screenshot you sent is currently not localizable. The values for order statuses (e.g. “Processed”) can’t be translated at the moment. This is something we plan to fix in an upcoming cart version.


Thank you for the quick response.
I’m using the Javascript API for now. Looking at the en.json I am able to locate the string I want to localize. Works great!

I am looking forward to using my own strings for order-statuses.(I’m a regular reader of change logs)


Hello, i don’t find the way to translate this part:

Is it still a project?