Missive chat is inaccessible

For a longtime I communicated with support through the missive chat app which was accessible via the dashboard, and I would refer back to messages I recieved from support as a reference when troubleshooting issues.

since the support form was introduced, the message history is now inaccessible.

the issue I am actually attempting to solve is that, for certain items in my webstore, the price does not appear when the item is added to the cart, and thus I cannot check out with that item.

I have checked the developer logs and there is nothing. Which is strange as there had at one time been logs there.

I’ve importedthe item in question successfully. All the required fields are there. It registers that it hasbeen imported in the developer logs.

However, when I try to add it to the cart, the price does not show and I cannot check out with it.

All the products on my site are rendered in the same way, the price is showing correctly on the imported product. So why not in the cart and why is there no error in the developer logs about this?

I’ve figured out the issue with the buy button. Definitely could use a better error message for this.

The documentation does not show on every data-item field what one can put there. But here is what I noticed and how I solved my error after some hours of troubleshooting.

the digits after the decimal vary for data-item-length, data-item-width, data-item-height

length can have two digits after the decimal. Width can have one digit after the decimal. Height cannot be a decimal number, it must be an integer.

it does not say this in the product definition documentation.

and no errors are logged on the developer console from this.

However, I can’t be sure on every item that it’s possible to add them all to the cart without manually attempting to do so. I’m concerned that there may be some special character in the name or description that would cause the same kind of error now for other items. Please improve the product definition documentation with precise examples of what can go in these fields and what cannot if there are any disallowed special characters.

Hi there,

Glad you were able to found the error. We do have the type for each data-item attribute with added details when applicable (For example, no decimals for Weight, Length and Height) in our V3 docs Products – Snipcart Documentation

There is always room for improvement however, and I’ve shared your feedback with the team.