Multi currency not working on custom field options price modifier

Based on the docs, I can apply multiple currencies in data-item price like this:

data-item-price='{"sek": 900, "eur": 90}'

but it doesn’t work on data-item-custom1-options like below:

data-item-custom3-options='Polished|Matt[{"sek": +100, "eur": +10}]'

Am i missing something?

Hi @Kian, thanks for reaching out.

This is currently not possible, what you could do is use separate pages for different currencies.
But we do understand that this is an important feature and we plan to support it in the future.

Let me know if you have further questions.


Hi @nelitow
Well that’s disappointing! I highly suggest give an option to disable validation so we can programatically update the data-item-price .
I understand anyone can change price in HTML but Small businesses like us can and always manually check every orders and cancel and refund fraudulent ones.
Having it as an option by the time Snipcart fixes these options would benefit both parties.