Multilingual product description


I have been working my way through the following document Localization – Snipcart Documentation
However, one thing stands out to me and I can’t find any documentation for it.

How can I add the description in different languages to a product? The Description field is a required field, which makes sense! But actually I should be able to store descriptions in different languages? Thanks for the tip

  • rob

Hi @ICO-Office,

We don’t have anything built-in the localize the description of the product.

However, since we don’t validate the content of the description to validate the order, it can be freely modified on your end through your localization mechanism.

Let me know if that helps,


OK so we load an in Germany
and a
product.EN.json in the rest of the world (for MVP)
leter ther will be
ans so on

did I understand right? as long as Product ID and the Price are the same in the diffrenet Product.XY:json files it works?
or has the name also be identical? and only the description is not checked -
in our case the Name of the product is a little bit different in de and en like

in de
ITEMO SCRUM Foundation Musterprüfung
and in en
ITEMO SCRUM Foundation SampleExam

would that work? Thanks rob