Multiple accounts with the same email

At the moment, you can only have one email per account or user. Having that said, you can always use a + sign in your email to create another account.

Some mail servers support adding an arbitrary suffix introduced by a ‘+’ sign. The email address will be different but still reach you. For instance, and will all be redirected to

If you’re with office 365, you can refer to this guide

Thanks for the info.

If you are talking about «email fallback», it’s not because you add the + sign, its more like a mecanism when activated, any email reaching an email that dont exist for your domain will be redirected to your email (the email you have set or yours, if only one exist).

Then, the link you posted is about creating an alias for an email. Wich is what you want for creating a second email adresse for the same email «account»!

I use Google Work Space emails and then just use a different alias for each account. Works well

As a developer considering promoting SnipCart to my clients, I find this solution a poor option . I am still having to manage multiple accountants and Passwords. A proper “Account Manager” solution should be developed to allow a single login to manage multiple accounts.


I am attempting to setup SnipCart for another client. Is the “using + in your email” approach still the best way to manage multiple accounts?

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.