Next.js stuck at checkout (422 Unprocessable Entity error)


I’m using Snipcart with Next.js and whilst still testing i’m getting a 422 Unprocessable Entity error in the console.

It only happens when I open the checkout and the payment section gets stuck fetching from the sessions API:

  "error": {
    "code": "UnsupportedApiVersion",
    "message": "The HTTP resource that matches the request URI '' with API version '2019-05-21' does not support HTTP method 'GET'.",
    "innerError": null

Not sure why this is happening, It was working fine a few days ago.

Also im using a server side render on my products page since i’m pulling data from my custom headless CMS and i want to keep its API key on the server, im not sure if this interferes with anything?

Again i don’t have a real payment gateway setup since i’m still experimenting and everything else works fine.


Solved by the Snipcart dev team rolling out new updates