No notification when order occurs

Super excited to be launching my new shop. I check the box to enable short notifications by email when a new order is placed.

When I checkout (in Test mode) I get no such email. I checked the docs here :

But there really isn’t that much to this feature. The account has two users and other emails get sent out and recieved. I am sure there is something fundamental I am missing.



Well. I just got an email. It just took eight hours to arrive. The timing suggests that the system groups sales and sends them all at the end of the working day? Is this normal behaviour?

Hi @joshuaCrewe,

We had a downtime in one of our services which prevented some emails and notifications from being sent.

This has been resolved, and all missing emails have been sent. Usually, notifications are scheduled to be sent every 10 minutes.

Thanks @Michael , what are the chances that I would do my tests at the same time as this downtime!

I’ll do another test tomorrow and it’ll work fine I am sure.

“notifications are scheduled to be sent every 10 minutes”

Is there a way to make it faster, like every minute instead of 10? I have a customer complaining about that…