Notification when customer changes email address

Hi gang. When a customer changes their address in the front-end, what mechanism is available to notify our team? I don’t see email notifications or webhooks for that use-case.


Hi @budparr

Just to be sure, are you talking about a customer changing it’s address in the customer dashboard? There is no webhook or events right now for this. Could you provide us a little bit more information on your use case?


Hey. I’ll have to revisit to refresh my memory, but if I recall, the issue we were having is that we are selling a subscription product and had a customer update their address but we were using the original address from their initial purchase.

Hi Bud,

Currently, we do not get the last modified email address from the customer account, we generate our new subscription order with the information we had at the first one. We just entered a fix for this that we will plan eventually.

In the meantime, if you wish to modify an email address associated to the customer, you’ll have to go into the dashboard, find it’s initial order (first order of the subscription) and manually change it.

Sorry for this workaround, we’ll try to fix this as soon as we can.

Cheers !