Offering local and national delivery rates


I am a local florist using Snipcart and want to offer customers several delivery options based on their UK postcode. So local delivery rates for me to hand deliver and then a national rate for next day and 2 day delivery across the rest of the country.

How is best to set this up (can I do it direct in Snipcart or does it need to be with a web hook) and is there anyone on here that will be able to quote and do this for me?

Thanks in advance

Hi @flowerhousenorwich, thanks for reaching out!

You might be able to set this up directly in the app.
You can create 3 delivery options. One only available to certain post codes:

And another two options for the UK with 1 or 2 days delivery.

To do so, enable custom shipping methods here.

And you can read more about our shipping setup here:

Let me know if you have further questions.