One item in cart at a time

Hello, I currently have data-item-max-quantity=1 on the items which works at limiting the amount of a particular item in the cart to 1, how can i make it so that it can only be one of any item in the cart at a time?

Any help would be welcome and greatful

I believe the cart itself can not limit to only 1 item . Nevertheless, your front end javascript can.

Add some logic using a JS Cookie

The following has to be done after snipcart is loaded NOT on document ready

document.addEventListener(‘snipcart.ready’, () => {

  // This is called AFTER item is added.'item.added', (parsedCartItem) => {
       Cookies.set('block', true);


Then disable the button which blocks uses from clicking. The following can be done on the usual doc loaded.

document.addEventListener(“DOMContentLoaded”, () => {

    addEventListenerById('add-item-button', 'click', function(evt) {
          if (Cookie.get('block') == true) {
           = true; 
                 // or this.disabled = true 


And then remove the cookie so the user can come back after the session. Or set an expiry.

It may have errors but thats the gist.

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In fact, remove that cookie when the cart is confirmed.

document.addEventListener(‘snipcart.ready’, () => {'item.added', (parsedCartItem) => {
       Cookies.set('block', true);
   });'cart.confirmed', (cartConfirmResponse) => {
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Thanks so much, i will play around with this. Another question whilst i have your attention (if you don’t mind) … could the cart be emptied before an item is added? is there an event for that?

My attention was not so great it seems.

You can likely it do it prior to adding. There is an event fired called item.adding. I dont see a handy cart.reset function I do see something that provides the cart state including the items in that cart and also a remove item

// Pre'item.adding', (parsedCartItem) => {
        let state =;
       // iterate over the items
 try {
    await Snipcart.api.cart.items.remove('{itemUniqueId}');
} catch (error) {

Something along that lines is essentially a ‘reset’
All that needs to be inside the cart.ready as stated

hi Adrian, sorry to be a pest but i’ve tried the following:

let state =;

let items = state.cart.items.items;

for (let i = 0; i < items.length; i++) {

  await Snipcart.api.cart.items.remove(items[i].id);


i get snipcart_error_item_not_found, but when i log the id, it displays.

the id you are using is your product ID not the unique id of the product in the cart.


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:weary: :see_no_evil:
Thank you, Adrian.

Agh. I know It’s confusing. It should be id and productId

Hi there!

I’ve been looking to implement this feature but i’m relatively new to code. Would someone like to share a breakdown of this implementation in simpler terms?

Any help is appreciated, thank you!