Only use side cart and disable full page cart

I would like to disable the full page cart and only use the side cart.

I have set data-config-modal-style="side" but the full page cart is still used on smaller screens. It would be nice to only have to design one experience, and the two carts have different html content.

Any progress on this feature? +1

Hi @huig, I don’t have any update for you at the moment.

If possible, can you provide me more details of the final layout you would like to have?

Also, may I suggest something like:

.snipcart-modal__container {
      width: calc(70% + 1px);
      left: auto;
      right: 0;

It should yield something like:

Which you can further customize to your liking if that fits your needs.

Thank you.

The problem @nelitow is that the two modals that open up on different screen sizes have different markdown and styles so that even if we can style them, it would be nice if we only had to style one of them. It’s not really about the width, it’s more about wanting to show the same content.

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