Order & digital download emails not sent/received

Just set up my store - I have digital downloads set up and I palced a few orders to test everything. I’m seeing the orders come through in my dashboard. At the bottom of each order I’m seeing the following:

The digital files access links have been sent to the customer.
an hour ago - sent by email

Customer invoice has been sent.
an hour ago - sent by email

However, I’m still not seeing any of the emails come through. In the email template editor I had a test email sent and that came through fine in my regular inbox, but no order email (I checked the spam folder too).

Anyone else have issues with getting email confirmations? How long does it generally take?

Using the “Send download links again” option on the order page also does nothing.

Found a solution. Initially I was using my personal email address as the ‘sender’ which was failing ‘DMARC’ validation. I’m not entirely sure what that means but I was able to use this free tool to test/diagnose the problem: https://www.mail-tester.com/

I created a dedicated orders email for my website (e.g. orders@my-website.com) and used that as the sender address and everything is working fine now.

Hey @dylanrose,
For higher deliverability rates of your email you can contact us at support@snipcart.com with your domain so we can authenticate your domain in our SMTP server.