Order weight and price on shipping rates


My use case:
I have certain shipping methods set for a certain maximum order weight. Over that I have a shipping method which states that you have to contact us for a unique offer. Consequently there is a free shipping discount over a certain order amount. What I would like to have is that this discount is applied only until that same order weight which the other shipping methods have. Over that I only want to show the ‘unique offer’ method.
I tried to add the free shipping as another shipping method with a minimum order amount and maximum weight, which is okay, but it would be nice to not show the other methods in that case. Is it possible to set a maximum order price on a shipping method somehow? Or a maximum order weight on a shipping discount? Or this needs a unique shipping provider?


@nadorivan Unfortunately, our discount doesn’t include any options to change the shipping rate depending on the weight of the order or the items. However what you could do is use our shipping webhooks, which allows you to handle shipping rates by yourself.