Pause subscriptions in merchant dashboard

hello community,

I want to suggest creating a functionality to pause subscriptions so that we can reactivate them in the merchant dashboard without the customer/subscriber having to re-purchase (without doing a new checkout).

In this way, in addition to the option to cancel subscription, we would have the option to pause for certain periods (example: 30 days, 60 days…) or indefinite periods, always agreeing with the client.

Can this request be fulfilled?


Hi @Marcos

I checked this feature request with the team.
This feature is available in Snipcart v2 subscriptions, and we do plan to bring it back for v3, but there is no set time to when it will be available yet.


Does Snipcart v2 have subscriptions function?

It is essential for my business to use the subscription pause function.

Hi @Marcos
Yes, you can find the details in our docs here: