Payment for Subscriptions Next Billing Date not being received

Having a hard time getting in touch with Support so hoping someone here can assist.

Recently my client has been experiencing issues receiving payments from Subscriptions. We noticed that about 4 customers subscriptions haven’t been auto-renewing.

Nothing has changed in our Stripe, and we can confirm that the billing and card details of all the customers are valid.

Is anyone else experiencing issues with Subscriptions? This is costing my client quite a bit of money unfortunately and we would love any assistance to help this get resolved.


I have some subscriptions which have stopped taking payments for seemingly no reason.

This has cost us a significant amount of money and we need to know whats going on!!


Hi there,

Our recurring billing system is currently having some reliability issues. We’re hard at work applying the necessary improvements to it.

We’ll report back here once the issues are resolved.

Sorry for the inconvenience here, and thanks for your patience.

Hi Francis,

Thanks so much for the response and update!

Appreciate all the hard work the team is putting in, and hope it gets resolved soon!



Hi Francis,

Any update on this?



We did roll out a number of fixes in the last week, but we’re not 100% there yet.

Thanks for bearing with us :pray:


To follow up on the previous message by @francis, we’ve since rolled out a few more fixes that should make the subscription billing system much more reliable and recoverable in case of any failures.

We’ll be actively monitoring these fixes in the coming days, but we can consider this issue fixed unless anything else arises.

If any of your Live subscriptions didn’t get charged previously, their next billing date will need to be reset for them to be re-tried.

If this is the case, please contact us at and we’ll fix these subscriptions manually on our end as soon as possible.