Payment get stuck at shipping

Hello, my website ( suddently got an error at step 2 for “shipping”. “Continue to payment” button is unclickable.

I have been selling properly since 1 year almost and now it got stuck for 2 days… Any idea ?

We haven’t been able to reproduce the issue on your website. Can you confirm if this is still happening on your end?

You are right it work with regular price. But as soon as you enter the discount code ‘ETE30’ you got the error message.

And this appears since 2 days ago because clients had been using this discount code

Shipping_rates seems to be not working.

What should I do. I am loosing orders…

Devtools: could not load content for HTTPS://

If it is of any help.

I’d recommend updating your version to a more recent one. We released 3.2.0 a few weeks ago, many improvements and bug fixes since then.

You’re currently using 3.0.14 which was released more than a year ago.

Please update this thread if that fixes the issue!

I have updated and it did not do anything. But I found out. It was my shipping free offer above 100€.

In fact if order is under 100€ the error appears. So I decreased the 100€ to 50€ in order not to block the system.

When discount code make the final order inferior than the minimum shipping set. It causes this error.