Payment Methods loading infinite loop

Hey there,

For a few days, we have had a lot of customers reporting to us problems while trying to pay.
We have a recording tool implemented on our side and could find some sessions with this behavior. If the customers click on “Payment Methods” in the checkout process it just shows an infinite loading spinner and won’t reveal the payment methods. We could not spot any Javascript Errors in the console or similar. Some customers still can get through but a lot don’t. We working with your connection method to Mollie. In the past it was working fine most of the time.

Do you have a clue about this?

I found a JS error that appears from time to time and then it hangs.

We are btw on the Version 3.2.2 of Snipcart now. But the error was there before already in the older Version.

I attach a screenshot. This error occurs when I click on a Payment Method directly.
The second screen is the response from the 404 api call to /pay.


we had similar problems, just a couple of hints, maybe you can figure something out:

  • our product descriptions/names were longer than 127 characters. This isn’t supported by Paypal and throws an error
  • we had some discount codes automatically applied before taxes. The calculation made by Snipcart had too many decimals and it was failing with Paypal (they’re fixing this). We could see this error in console, in the network tab.


I have this issue too, EVERY time. a solution would be nice

@Snipcart Team,

please have a look at this. This raises a lot in the last few days on mobile as well, a lot of customers even cant add items to the cart.

Something seems off, didn’t had those issues before.