Payment Section Hangs when Checking Out

Update: it seems like payment is no longer working, but had been earlier today. I am new to this product, so understand it could be a user error, but I don’t think I edited anything which would impact this.

I’m testing out Snipcart (in test mode) on a simple html page. When I go to checkout without logging in, the process works fine. However, when I have signed in, the “Payment” section of the cart never loads (I see an infinite loading icon).

Furthermore, when registering as a user / customer, I never receive an email about it, but it shows as those customers are confirmed when I look in the Customers section of the Dashboard.

Here’s a link to the url where I’m testing Snipcart:

Are these issues with being in test mode and having registered customers? Any insights are appreciated. Thank you!

Hey @christopher,

I was able to complete a test order on your test site.

Do you still have the issue, if so, can you open the dev tools and tell us if there is any error in the console?


hi @dominic thank you for looking into this! in the console i’m seeing the following errors:

snipcart.js:1 POST 400 (Bad Request)
snipcart.js:1 A 'system' error occured in Snipcart.undefined {__ob__: Dt}

these can be expanded to reveal more info, but it’s a lot and i’m not sure if it’s helpful. please let me know if it would be of help to copy that here.

thank you!