PayPal Express - 422 (unprocessable Entity)

Having an issue when submitting payment with PayPal Express - error in snipcart.js

[Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 422 (Unprocessable Entity) (93e5a401-f6c19f63-37f4-46a5-8856-42695cf9bf49, line 0)
[Error] TypeError: t.indexOf is not a function. (In ‘t.indexOf(":")’, ‘t.indexOf’ is undefined)
(anonymous function) (snipcart.js:6:151824)

Debug points to " city:," with “t.indexOf is not a function. (In 't.indexOf(”:")’, ‘t.indexOf’ is undefined)" as the reported error. In the form, the city field is set to Singapore.

Any ideas what is causing the error? Stripe works fine, just seems to be with PayPal Express.

Hi @simplysay, thanks for reaching out.

Can you double-check that you granted permission to Snipcart in your PayPal account?
You can check the instructions here:

And you can also check if the email set in your PayPal settings inside the Snipcart dashboard is correct.

If those are correct, please reach out to us at with the email used in your Snipcart account, so we can check your case further.