PayPal - Mark as Shipped

It would be nice if marking an order as shipped within SnipCart also was able to set shipping information (tracking and status) over in PayPal (payment provider) so that a e-commerce site owner doesn’t need to maintain multiple different order/payment systems and keep them in-sync with each other to release funds from a holding account (PayPal initial limits are $1000/mo).

I have PayPal integration for payment processing and that is working flawlessly, but it would also be nice to essentially send order update events (tracking) over to PayPal. Refunding an order is all contained within SnipCart and worked wonderfully for the one customer that had an incorrect variant selected and wanted to cancel (would have been even nicer in that case if I could just go in and manually override the order items, but understand that is complex and super powers most probably shouldn’t have without a customer opt-in and approval system in place).

Thanks for the wonderful product, hope this makes sense as a great improvement to an-otherwise great product. Appreciate the help along the way!