"Place Order" Button Never Gets Passed "Loading..."

Hey Everyone,

Having an issue getting SnipCart to progress beyond the “Place Order” phase.

Orders are “stalling” at the “Place Order” phase.


  • I can reach the checkout page with no problems. The “Order Summary” is correct.
  • Clicking the “Place Order” button displays the “Loading…” text.
  • After displaying “Loading…” for several seconds, the button then simply displays the “Place Order” text again, without moving the transaction forward.
  • I currently have the account returned to TEST mode. I have put the test publicApiKey back in my site header.

Anyone know what’s happening here?

I have a client who’s had a few customers report the same issue in production mode. Were you able to trace this back to anything?

In my case, it turns out I was not entering a correct test credit card number. Instead of entering the required “4242 4242 4242 4242” I had a “5” accidentally auto-saved on my browser!