Plaintext version of invoices

How difficult would it be to provide an option to generate a plain text version of the invoice instead of the HTML version? (Or provide an option to send a supplementary plain-text version to the merchant account?)

I have a rule set up to forward invoices with different invoices on them to different accounts to process them. I could forward the invoice from my account as a test, and the server would route them correctly. But when Snipcart forwards the same invoice, the rules were never triggered. We finally discovered that it’s a limitation with setting up mail rules in cPanel. cPanel only scans the first 5000 characters of the Body. (Not sure if this is a cPanel limitation or a setting imposed by our service provider, and they are unwilling to raise the limit because of the additional burden on the servers.)

But we discovered that Snipcart sends the note in HTML, and the name of the product is way past 5000 characters. I’m looking for either a plain-text version (or a second file sent just to my account that is plain-text) that would be able to trigger the cPanel mail rules.