Potential dashboard bug


I don’t know if this is the deliberate way for Snipcart to work but it seems like a bit of a bug to me. On the products page on the dashboard the “SALES” total for each product appears to be merely “PRICE” multiplied by “NUMBER OF SALES”. This doesn’t take into account any discounts that have been applied to the product. Because of this the “SALES” value can be far more that its actual value.


Hi @DavidAntonia,

Unless I’m mistaken, discounts are considered when we calculate the sales amount for a given period.

Keep in mind this disregards orders that are in progress, cancelled or pending and considers any refunds that may have been issued.

If you believe there may be a mistake in our calculation, feel free to contact us over at geeks@snipcart.com (make sure you provide us with the email you used to register your Snipcart account) and we’ll take a look!