Quantity variances for 1 product with different sizes

Was wondering the best method to calculate quantity of 1 product with different sizes. Example: Black t-shirt with specific image - lets say I have 5 smalls and 10 large. I cant just put the quantity as 15 because snipcart would not know how many for each size. I did see how you can add the option for sizes but can we add an option for quantity for sizes? Or do they just need to be a completely different product? It doesnt seem like that would be the case as there is the option for sizes which makes total sense. Just want to make sure I dont over sell the product. Any help or even just to point me in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Hi @Jahrik, thanks for reaching out.

When you add the same product with different variations, it should display in the shopping cart as different items, each with its own quantity. For example:

If you wish to change this behavior, you can check the data-item-stackable property in our docs.

For instance, setting it to never will show each individual product as its own item in the cart.

Is this what you’re looking for?