Re: Unable to process payment (live)


I have gone live and customers are receiving this very bad error when trying to pay. This is a SERIOUS problem that I cannot figure out why. Here’s the message:

Unable to process payment. Try again later or contact support.

It will not let the customer complete any payment information. This loops and will not allow them to do anything. Can I please get an answer from someone in support today!! I have people waiting to pay!!

We cleared cache, everything. Used another browser. Nothing has worked. Has anyone run into this??


Going to need some more information… What’s your payment gateway? Has it ever worked in the past? Any other details?

Hi @billywight

I’m using Stripe. I just went live and the first customer got this error. Not sure where it was coming from, but I kind of panicked :slight_smile:

My site is on Webflow. Stripe. No other conflicts. I wish I could point ya in the right direction. I think it’s something to do with their browser. They were using Chrome.

Hi @GJ13,

Send us an email ( with the link of this thread and the email you used to register your Snipcart account.

We’ll be able to take a look at our logs to see exactly what’s happening here.


Hey thanks, I just did. I don’t have a screenshot because it was a customer at they’re house. I sent an attached additional error that shows sometimes. They were using Chrome on Windows 10.