Remove quantity in cart / selling digital products

Hey, can’t find a way to remove “quantity” functionality. Selling digital products. Every time a button is clicked an additional item is added to cart by default. When selling only digital goods it’s annoying. Is there a way to remove it?

Hi there,

There are a few options, depending on exactly what you want to achieve.
If you want to completely prevent someone from ordering more then one product, you can set it’s max quantity to 1 (see documentation here).

Then, to remove the quantity buttons, you can either:

  • Use CSS to hide the buttons with display: none; (some other adjustments might be necessary) or;
  • Override the ItemLine template using our Custom Template feature

Let me know if this works for you,

Customizing <item-line> did not work, because it just refers to the <item-quantity> component - which weirdly also contains the price, so I don’t want to remove it - and doesn’t seem to be customizable (I tried).

I did it now like this:

.snipcart-item-quantity__quantity {
    display: none;

.snipcart-item-quantity__quantity-price-container {
    justify-content: end;

But it would be great to have a proper solution for this. e.g.