Resending webhooks to corrected domain

I can see that a webhook was sent, but unfortunately I had the wrong domain configured.
I would like to resend the webhook but to the now correctly configured domain. It seems I can’t overwrite the domain from the “Resend this webhook” page.

At this stage of proceedings - going live - it would be quite helpful to be able to resend the webhook, ‘order.completed’ and its companion ‘customauth:customer_updated’.

thanks, Anita.

Hi @Anita, thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately we don’t have a way to change that, but it sounds like a nice feature, feel free to change this post to a feature request.

Are there many webhooks that would need to be resent?
If not and it if it fits your use case, you could copy the body contents of the POST calls and send them manually with a tool like Postman.

Is this something that could help?


In fact I did do that. And now the first customer has received her notification email.

Thank you.

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