Return the Discount (promo code) objects from api

Once an order is complete I am able to get the basic objects from the api and display them on my custom thank you page like these: invoiceNumber , email , paymentMethod , shippingAddressAddress1 etc…

These are part of this httpRequest url and can be grabbed easily when my request goes to the url for a specific order + Token;

My question is "How do I get objects that belong to DISCOUNTS, like the discount used, the amount saved with the discount code, does the order have discount true or false… . I do not know the name of these objects so that I can retrieve them and show them as part of the order thank you page.

I am using ASP.NET MVC 5 C#. These snippets are from my controller where I am calling these json objects like this: (string)obj[“JsonObjectName”]

I am able to get these basic objects below with this code. They all return to my front end with their proper values.

//Order Info
                string invoiceNumber = (string)obj["invoiceNumber"];
                string email = (string)obj["email"];
                string paymentMethod = (string)obj["paymentMethod"];
                string shippingMethod = (string)obj["shippingMethod"];

Once I get to the Promo Code section of my code I am not able to retrieve objects that belong to the promo code info part of the order. I have tried to use the same names as I saw in the documentation for Discounts but these are just returning NULL in my call, but they DO
have values when I debug and step through the application, so I know the problem might be the NAMES that I am using for the json objects are not correct.

All of these return null. But when I debug the order I can see that there is indeed a promo code attached to the order, I just don’t know the proper name to call and retrieve the info like I did above for the basic order information.

                 //Get the Promo Code info with these objects
                //Testing a bunch of different ways to called these objects. None work so far.
                //string hasPromocode = (string)obj["promocodes.hasPromocode"];
                //string code = (string)obj["promocodes.code"];
                //string rate = (string)obj["promocodes.rate"];
                string hasPromocode = (string)obj["[JSON].discounts.[0].hasSavedAmount"];
                string code = (string)obj["discounts.[0].code"];
                string rate = (string)obj["discounts.[0].amountSaved"];
                //string hasPromocode = (string)obj["hasSavedAmount"];
                //string code = (string)obj["code"];
                //string rate = (string)obj["amountSaved"];

The image below shows the values when I am debugging the order process in my code. The first one shows the object called finalGrandTotal and the other other 2 show the hasSavedAmount object and the amountSaved object. Those 2 are part of the Discount info but are returning to me as null, but as you can see they have values of TRUE and 0.75 .

I figured this out. My syntax was way off at first but its working now . I just had to call it like this below. This allowed me to retrieve the values from any nested object that lives under the discounts object from the api in json.

string rate = (string)obj[“discounts”][0][“amountSaved”];
string code = (string)obj[“discounts”][0][“code”];

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