Sending "order received" notification to separate email adddress?

We’re trying to figure out a way to send only the “order received” email to a secondary email address separate from our snipcart plan’s email address.

This is to notify a print provider that an order has been received so they can fulfill the order without us having to manually notify them. Does anyone know if this something that can be accomplished easily through the snipcart dashboard?

Thanks in advance!

You can just add additional users to the Snipcart backend and then set them to receive the orders.

You can also add email addresses in the Notifications section in “Checkout and Cart”

To take that even further, I want to cc another director when orders are received, but only orders within a certain product group. All of those orders begin with the same product code.

I tried setting up a rule on my server to look for messages that include that code, but the server only scans the first 500 characters of each message. And because Snipcart only sends orders as HTML instead of PDF, the product code does not appear within the first 500 characters.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

The way I would do this would be to use Snipcart’s Webhook feature.

You need to set up an end point in your web application to receive order data. You can then iterate through the items purchased and send emails etc based on content.

Obviously, this requires a fair bit of coding skills.

I understand what you’re describing — but that is beyond my skill. I’m using a website generator that has embedded Snipcart into its product.