SERIOUS bug on production: a WRONG SHIPPING ADDRESS is associated with the order

we’re experiencing a terrible bug with Snipcart when users choose a different shipping address.
Our setup is comprised of a couple of webhooks returning the available shipping fees and the taxes.

As far as we can understand, when the customer chooses a shipping address different from billing, Snipcart correctly calls our webhook to fetch the shipping fees with the right shipping address.
Just before the order is completed, we can see that Snipcart calls the taxes webhook 3 times:
the first one with the correct address, then with a wrong shipping address that equals the billing one.
The order is then saved, again, with the wrong shipping address.

Here are a few pointers so that you can debug this issue:
Order token: “6dae885f-0587-4ff0-9b15-a49c65e1f2bb”
Creation Date: “2022-12-15T08:46:06Z”
Invoice Number: “ER121”.

Needless to say, this issue is SUPER SERIOUS and is causing a LOT OF TROUBLES since many clients are sending gifts to friends, colleagues and their close ones.

Hopefully you’ll find a fix ASAP.
Please don’t hesitate to ask us for any information that can help you debug this problem.

Thank you very much, cheers