Shipping - allow customer collection

I would like to offer customers the option to collect their item(s) for free instead of having the shipped. A bit like this:

Is that possible?


You can simply create a new shipping method. The cost can be 0 and the name collection.

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I ran into this issue too.

As far as I have tried, I can’t get past the payment confirmation in production with only the ‘custom’ shipping method.

It is the only shipping method I currently have.

– Enable shipping
---- Create custom shipping method
-------- Place test order
------------- Stuck with the following loading message: shippingRates.loading

Worked in the end. The validation requires dimensions to be added to the button data as well as to your validation method.

Does anyone know how to ONLY enable Click and Collect and therefore remove the Shipping Address tab? We’ve configured £0.00 for the collection address locations (2 of them) - i.e to achieve this Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 17.29.06.png - Droplr