Shipping event not directly triggered on Firefox


I’m facing an issue, on Firefox only, with the shipping.selected event:

I added a jquery datepicker in the shipping step that is launched as soon as the shipping method event is triggered:

document.addEventListener("snipcart.ready", () => {"shipping.selected", () => {
		console.log("Shipping event triggered");
		let datePicker = $('[id*="dateLivraison"]');
		datePicker.datepicker({ ... });

It works well on Chrome, but I noticed the shipping.method event is triggered on Firefox only once the user clicked on a shipping method.
Which means that if the user don’t select any shipping method (= he is satisfied by the default selected shipping method), the event is not triggered and therefore the datepicker isn’t loaded.

HERE is the website, in development.
You need to select a shipping address in Switzerland and use 1204 as postcode (delivery is restricted by postcode)

Hope you can help me with that!


hi @victor.muller ! I’m facing a similar issue. Did you manage to solve it? Thanks!