Shipping Rate with imbalance currency

Hi everyone, I have a problem that I need help solving.

So I have an ecommerce store that sells in 2 currencies: USD and VND.

1 USD = 20,000 VND

In Snipcart, the shipping cost is calculated by rates.

The shipping rate will be in the cart’s currency (ie: shipping rate is 10. If the cart is in USD, shipping fees will be 10USD, if the cart is in EUR shipping fees will be 10EUR)

But if this is how it works, then a rate of 10 will produce imbalance shipping cost

10USD and 10VND

As you can see, the VND amount is no where near the true amount. Is there anyway that we can set a shipping rate that ties to just ONE currency?

EDIT: I am aware about the shipping webhooks, but the way how shipping rate is calculated feels like a massive oversight. Just making sure if there is already a feature for this scenario

Any help is appreciated

Hi @MorningTide, thanks for reaching out!

Customers anywhere in the world can buy in either currency?
If you divide so that customers inside Vietnam are charged in VND, you can have a shipping rate that can only be chosen for shipping inside Vietnam, with any set price, and then another for worldwide shipping.

If that’s not the case, we can look for a better solution.


Hi @nelitow Yes that’s right. Anyone can in the world can buy in any currency. Examples might be a foreigner living in Vietnam want to buy in USD, or a Vietnamese living in the UK want to buy in VND.

So by connecting shipping cost with countries doesn’t make a lot of sense. In my case, it makes more sense if it ties to Currency.

If you have a better solution, I would love to know as well.